Turkey, TX
March 2012


Made a quick trip out to Turkey, TX. Here's a few photos I took on the way over and back.

I have over 180,000 miles on this bike and I have ridden by 100s of football and soccer fields across several countries. However, I've never been intrigued to stop at any of them....................until now. I remember a few years ago Blake Vaughn had mentioned that he enjoyed roaming the countryside viewing various football fields/stadiums/coliseums. I never gave that comment a second thought until I rode by this one just this morning. This one needed a second look. I'm sure Blake would enjoy seeing this one too.
As I rode by, I immediately thought of Blake's comment. I had to pull over and take a picture to share with him. This field represents the simpliest form of a football stadium. I don't think the picture can represent the specific feeling I had after riding numerous miles across desolate miles in the cool temperatures on this beautiful morning. However, I do hope that it might encourage Blake to make a similar trip some day to enjoy a fraction of what I did this morning. Modest lifestyle is what I see here. Simpliy, living simpler.
I'll bet the individuals in this very small community had to sacrifice much more to pay for this stadium than many of the people of the larger communities did to have theirs. You can sure tell that not a lot of extra dollars have been wasted here. I'm sure they are just as proud of what they have too. This school is located at Afton, Tx. The closest major town is Lubbock at 70 miles away. With the cost of gas what it is, I can't imagine what it cost to go on a shopping trip. (even for basics)
Notice the flatness of the field
First State Bank in Matador, TX
Miles of vast nothingness
Buffalo at the Caprock Canyon State Park
Riding through the park
This is one of the bluffs that the indians forced the buffalo over to their mass slaughter many years ago.
Small town USA. Lonesome Dove territory.
Going back in time...............a drive-in picture show
Turkey TX Hotel
Mocked up fillin station from yesteryear.............Phillips 66 (Turkey, TX)
Texas Swing Music
Psychologists make megabucks "trying" to prescribe solutions that a great open road can do in just a few miles on a nice wonderful stretch of road.
Church on a hill in Windthorst, TX