"Members Only" Bonus Listing

Pasta Lunch Social/Ride for 2009

Saturday, May 30th

This is not a race and please don't make it one. It is just intended to offer a variation in some riding fun. So just take your time and enjoy your morning ride while achieving a few points within your abilities and desires.

Stony Point Cemetery (1 Point) (The link to the Mapsource file for all the points are at the bottom of this page.)
There are not many hills in our local area, but this bonus location takes you right past one of the largest mountains in North Texas. Take SH 121 east from 75 through Melissa. Only 2.6 miles from 75 you should turn right on 545. You have 4.5 miles to the next turn so kick back and enjoy the twisties and a sensory high. Your next surprise is that the right turn on CR 1095 is not paved. Relax, the next two-hundred yard is light training for that GS you've always wanted. The country cemetery and quaint old wooden church promises peace to everyone that comes.
(Sometimes known as Altoga Cemetery and not too far from the Valdasta Feedlot)

The Audie Murphy Statue/Exhibit in Greenville. (1 Point)
Traveling east on I-30 at Greenville, TX take exit 95 just past Greenville. Make a circle underneath the overpass and come back on the service rd toward business 69. The Exhibit is on the north side of the interstate on the service road.

Carpenter's Bluff Bridge (2 Points)
Carpenter's Bluff, TX
7.9 miles east of downtown Denison on FM 120

Take a picture of the Bridge or the Historical Marker as best as you can. (From either side of the river)

Cockroach Hall of Fame (1 Point)
2231 W. 15th St. #B
Plano, TX
Directions:The Pest Shop. I-75 exit 29 (northbound) or 29A (southbound) then west on 15th St. for a little over a mile. On the northwest corner of Custer and 15th Sts. It's just a small glass door in a series of shopfronts, labeled the "The Pest Shop."Phone:972-519-0355

Cowboy Muffler Man (1 Point)
Denison , TX

Go North on Hwy 75 (Central Exprwy) to Sherman and turn left (west) on 1417. Follow it west, then north for approx. 9 miles to Plainview rd. Turn left on Plainview and travel west for 1/10 of a mile

Dike Store (2 Points)
6806 FM 69 N
Dike, TX - (903) 945-3237

Go east on I-30 (east of Sulphur Springs) and take exit 131 (Hwy 69), turn left and go north approx. 7 miles to find the Dike store on your right

Town Named To Get Free Satellite TV (1 Point)
5413 Tim Donald Rd

Just find a sign in the area that reads Dish, TX (or something similar) that will represent being in the area.

DISH has a population of about 345. It was formerly named Clark after its founder, Landis Clark, who incorporated it in 2000 and served as its first mayor. Clark was beaten by one vote in the Spring 2005 election, and only six months later the town was officially renamed DISH in exchange for every household receiving a free DVR and free basic satellite service for ten years. At the council meeting when the measure was passed, only 12 people reportedly showed up. [RoadsideAmerica.com Team, 04/15/2007]

The Paris Eiffel Tower replica. (2 Points)
Paris, TX
Take Hwy 82 to Paris and go right (south) on Loop 286 around to FM 1507, turn left and go north approx. 1.25 miles to the tower.

How did that get there? (1 Point)
Toco, TX
Take a picture of the old airplane sitting on Hwy 82 just 3.5 miles west of loop 286 at Paris, TX

The Hanger 10 Flying Museum @ Denton Muni Airport (1 Point)
Denton, Tx
Take I-35 to Denton and take the Airport Rd exit and go west. The Denton Airport is west of Denton. The Hanger 10 Flying Museum is on the South end of the runway at the Airport. It is "not" necessary to enter restricted space to achieve the bonus and please don't do that. Just grab a photo with your bike and anything in the background that represents the Museum. It could be the sign, the Hanger, the restricted gate to the hanger, etc.

Heard Natural Science Museum (1 Point)
1 Nature Pl
Mckinney, TX 75069
(972) 562-5566
Traveling north toward Mckinney on 75 take spur 399 to the right (this is the same road as hwy 121), going east on 399 toward downtown McKinney, turn back right on hwy 5 (Greenville Ave) and travel south to Country Club rd (FM 1378), go east for 1 mile to the Heard Museum

Lady Bug VWs (2 Points)
St.Jo, TX
At Saint Jo, go south on 677 approx. 2 miles to spot the Volkswagens at the intersection of 3206

Moser's Restaurant (2 Points)
Lake Fork, TX
At Emory, TX travel east on hwy 515 to lake Fork. Go south on hwy 17 approx. 1.25 miles to Moser's on the left near the lake.

President Eisenhower Birthplace (1 Point)
Denison, TX
Traveling North on 75 take the business route for 75/69 headed into downtown Denison. Before downtown turn right on Crawford rd and go east. Turn right again on Owings street and cross underneath the R/R tracks. Make the first right on Lamar ave. The birthplace is there on Lamar. Get a photo of something that reflects the birthplace with your motorcycle in the foreground.

Rosston Store (1 Point)
Rosston, TX
Take I-35 to Valley View, TX and go west on 922 to Rosston. The town is very small and the store is 1/2 blk off of 922 (enjoy a soda pop while there, your treat)

Spanish Fort Historical Marker (2 Points)
Spanish Fort, TX
Go North from Muenster or Saint Jo, TX to Spanish Fort. If in St.Jo take 677 north till it curves back to the west and runs into 103, turn right and go north into town. The a historical marker in town, take a photo of that with your moto

Whistle Stop Cafe (1 Point)
Decatur, TX
Take 287 Northwest to Decatur and take Business 81 to the right before you get to Decatur and travel about 1.5 miles north to the Cafe on your left at the Hale intersection

Mapsource File with all the bonus locations (just click on this link)

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