Lone Star BMW Riders Present an exclusive "Members Only"

Pasta Lunch Social/Ride for 2009

Saturday, May 30th

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We have created another fun day for all our members to come out and ride (see below) for a while, then meet to share in some conversation and pasta. Krista has gladly volunteered her expertise in preparing a Pasta Lunch for us. We will also be having a big ride (see below) before the event. (The ride is not required, just encouraged.)

  • What (Independent Ride and Pasta Lunch)
  • When (May 30th)
  • What Time (The ride will be from 8 am till 12 noon or whatever you decide. The lunch will be from 12 noon till 2 pm)
  • Where (The lunch will be at the Pole Barn at Myers Park in McKinney
  • Who (Any and all Members, and a membership includes family and significant others)
  • Cost ($10 for an adult & $5 for a child under the age of 10)
  • Pay (Money will be collected on-site before lunch)
  • Registration (It will be necessary for this event, click here) Registration will be CLOSED Thursday night at midnight (5/28/09)
  • Chef for the day (Krista Cappuccetti, she has furnished an Italian meal for the Eureka Springs ride for the last couple of years and it's always been a popular event. She's down here and going to share once again. Thank you Krista!)
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The Ride

The ride will be an independent or group ride, whatever you choose. You can depart from any point that you or your group chooses. If you don't have a group to ride with, but want to ride with a group, just post that info on the Yahoo group requesting partners to ride with. (if not, Bo will be taking a group from McKinney. Just meet at the IHOP by 7:30 am for a quick departure. I'll be there earlier for breakfast. If you are interested in suggesting a route, then please do by 7 pm (Friday night) by sending your thoughts to Bo's email address. If not, just show up and follow along (or, you can just have breakfast with me even if you are not taking my route). If you want a Mapsource copy of the route, then I can have you one by 10 pm Friday night. Just make the request when you send in your suggestions. I'll try and keep it less than 200 miles depending on the choices and suggestions. The IHOP is at the Northeast corner of Hwy 75 and Hwy 380 in McKinney, TX)

There will be 17 bonus locations emailed to your email (the address you registered with) by 7pm the day before (Friday) the event. You and/or your group can choose up to three bonus locations you want and plan a route (any route that you prefer) from your choice of departure locations (home, coffee shop, gas station, etc). When you get to each bonus location, you will take a photo of your bike in the foreground with something from that location in the background that clearly represents the bonus location (daytime photo). You can use any type of camera that you want as long as you can show the picture of the bonus location with your bike in it to a Lone Star rep at the entrance (pay table) to the Pasta Lunch. The picture can be on your phone or a poloroid (or whatever else) just so that we can distinguish what it is.

Each bonus location will be worth either one or two points as clearly marked on your email Friday evening. You are allowed up to three bonus captures. Therefore, you could possibly have up to 6 points for your ride. The reward will be $1 discount on your meal for each bonus point that you retrieve. You must be back at the Pasta lunch by 12:00 noon (or, pretty close) to receive your points.

We will also attach/link a MapSource file to your email along with the text version. This file will have each of the 17 bonus locations on it. However, as a disclaimer, their may be some inaccurate points on the MapSource file but they are not intentional. The bonus locations may be a cafe, historical marker, general store, old bridge, etc., etc.


Pole Barn at Myers Park where we'll have Pasta

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The Bridge to the Pole Barn
The Pole Barn with Picnic Tables
The two enclosed rest rooms are on the left side of the building
This is our parking lot. Please use extreme caution with this loose gravel
A Grand view of the Pole Barn and surrounding area
A closer view of the pole barn and the stage on the right. (Just in case Tom Oliver wants to sing?)
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