Lone Star BMW Riders

Annual R-T-E (Ride to Eat)

Hamburger Cookout

for Friends and Guests

Saturday, September 20, 2008

12:00 Noon till 2:00 pm

Come Join us in Sulphur, OK at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area for a hamburger cookout. We'll do the cooking, just pick out a great route and bring your friends. The cost will be a $5 donation. We just need a RSVP via our registration so we can be prepared for the number of guests. Click here to see who has registered so far.

We will also be offering a ride from McKinney, TX to Sulphur. It will be a route that will zig zag up to the cookout. It will involve several one lane roads at slower speeds and some farm-to-market roads that will be quicker. However, we encourage you to be creative and plan your own route if you choose to. This is a great opportunity to get out with a couple of your friends and enjoy the day. Also, we will break-up the group as needed to make it comfortable for everyone. In fact, we will have several ride leaders that will take groups as needed. We will have a faster group, medium paced group, and a slow group. If you have any special requirements for the group ride, then please express those to one of the ride committee members so we can help make the ride more enjoyable. The group ride will DEPART McKinney at 8 am. We will meet previous to 8 am and coordinate in groups based on the speed you want to travel. There will definitely be a dual-sport group too. We will meet and depart from the Northeast corner of hwy 380 and 75 (same location as last year) at the Chevron.



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The hamburger cookout will be in the Bromide Pavilion area near the 12th street entrance to the park. Just look for the friendly faces.

We plan on stopping for Fried Pies on the way to Sulphur. Click here for details
There will be a dual-sport route in addition to the paved route from McKinney. GPS route below.
This link will take you to pictures and discussion of last year's event

RSVP via our Registration

Click here to see who has registered
Please note: We do "not" recommend riding your bike through the water crossing at the park. It is not necessary to cross the water and we suspect moss at the bottom of the water. Please be safe. Also, the park is alcohol free, so please don't bring alcoholic beverages.
Our permit that we will have to have on display at the event
Final Revised GPS route for the dual-sport (GS) route
GPS route for the paved ride
There are some local activities if anyone needs some after dinner entertainment
Last Year's Gathering had around 125 in attendance
The line-up in the Parking Lot
A few happy faces. They had already eaten obviously.
It makes for a good picnic for all ages.
The Dual-Sport group in the Turner Falls area on the way to the Cookout.
Getting ready to depart to the Cookout
A quick stop at the Pie Shop for dessert to go
Jim and Ben had two grills going