Lone Star BMW Riders Present

Saturday Night in Brenham, TX

March 14, 2009


There is a change on the eating location for Saturday night.

Ok, the new dinner location is at the Capital Grill. We will have to respond to them Saturday afternoon with a count. They are located at the Ant Street Inn. Dinner time is still 7 pm.

We will be riding to Brenham, TX on Saturday and arriving early afternoon so you can enjoy the Historic Downtown or make a scenic loop around many of the nice country roads in the area. You choose what to do on your self-guided tour. It is necessary to reserve a room as soon as possible if you are planning on staying downtown in the Ant Street Hotel. It is expensive and only has 15 rooms. The other hotels are farther from downtown and would require a taxi if you are going to enjoy the dinner and entertainment downtown. My second choice would be the Far View Inn, but it is full. My next two choices would be the Econo Lodge and Coachlight Inn. They are within a mile or so from downtown. The others are on the loop. This is an excellent opportunity to find a quaint bed and breakfast and nestle for the weekend (just join us at the Longhorn).
We will be having a dinner meal as a group at the Longhorn Saloon in the downtown area Saturday evening at 7 pm. I highly recommend meeting us here for dinner for our group social. This Brenham destination may take us in different directions satisfying various interests. However, we can all meet here for dinner. The menu is here. Click here to email Tami, if you have any questions about the Longhorn.

You can go early and meet us down at Brenham, or join us on a ride down there. Joy and I will be leading a group from Dallas leaving at 8 am sharp Saturday morning. We will depart from the Circle Grill 3701 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX - (214) 327-4140. If you are going to have breakfast, then come early and have eaten and fueled by departure time.

We will meander down to Royer's Cafe in Round Top for a late lunch. After that, we'll ease back over to Brenham to check in. We'll enjoy a dinner meal at the Longhorn Saloon (hopefully, with everyone) and retire for the evening. We'll depart Brenham (Ant Street) at 11 am for the return home. Be sure and have a big breakfast Sunday morning and we'll stop at Jewett for a sandwich on the way home. My notes: CJ's Kountry Cookin', Cindy Robinson, 2303 Hwy 79, Jewett, TX 75846, 903.626.5655

Joy and I have registered early at the Ant Street Inn. Come join us.
Bed and Breakfast (I will be staying in the Ant Street Inn)
Hotels The closest two hotels are the Coachlight Inn and the Econolodge. The others are farther out on the loop
Other quaint places near town
Adult oriented Camping nearby
Burton Cotton Gin
This is the link to download the route that we will be taking (down and back)
A map of down and back
Royers Cafe in Round Top for lunch on Saturday
Ant Street Inn in Brenham
Longhorn Steak House in Brenham for dinner at 7 pm on Saturday night.
Longhorn Saloon
Longhorn Saloon Dining Room
Trail coming home on Sunday